NORMACLAMP® TORRO® Hose Clamp Merchandiser (135 pieces) - W1 Mild Steel Zinc Plated

$237.00 $177.75
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NORMACLAMP® TORRO® 135 Piece Hose Clamp Wall Merchandiser is ideally suited for automotive, industrial and a large range of industries and applications.

This 135 piece wall merchandiser covers sizes from 8mm up to 60mm hose O.D.

Replacement stock available.


  • Clamping Range: 8mm  to 60mm
  • Band Widths: 9mm & 12mm
  • Material Grade: W1 - All components completely zinc plated steel clear chromate
  • Manufactured: Germany to DIN 3017 Standards
  • Quantity: 135 Pieces + Wall Merchandiser

Note:  Also available in a convenient 100 piece grab kit, wall display rack and multi storage draw system. See related products on the left hand side of this page.


Part Number Bandwidth Clamping Range Quantity
8-12/9W1 9mm 8-12mm 20
10-16/9W1 9mm 10-16mm 20
12-22/9W1 9mm 12-22mm 20
16-27/12W1 12mm 16-27mm 15
20-32/12W1 12mm 20-32mm 15
25-40/12W1 12mm 25-40mm 15
35-50/12W1 12mm 35-50mm 15
40-60/12W1 12mm 40-60mm 15


Part Number
$237.00 $177.75
(Save $59.25, 25% off)

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