TORCA® UniStrap™ Bracket Clamps


With more than 25 years experience and manufacturing, TORCA® clamping systems provide a simple and effective way to connect exhaust system components and a broad variety of pipe joining and mounting applications.

The patented design makes for fast and accurate installation, saving time and money.

  • The simple multi-function method to effectively mount or suspend system components
  • Available in standard industry sizes from 102mm (4") through to 260mm (10.25")
  • Available in 2 material grades: Aluminised and stainless steel
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
Torca Unistrap Clamp.png

TORCA® UniStrap™ Bracket Clamps (Packs of 10)

TORCA® UniStrap™ Bracket Clamps (Packs of 10)