NORMAPLAST® Push On Connector Kit (90 pieces)

$164.85 $140.13
(Save $24.72, 15% off)

NORMAPLAST® plastic push-on connectors are made of Acetal Copolymerisate (POM) and are used in the automotive, industrial and commercial sectors for the transportation of fluids and air.

They are noted for high strength, low weight, shock absorbent capacity, scuff resistance, impact resistance and stability with many chemicals, fuels and other mediums.



  • Range to suit hose inside diametres 3 to 12mm
  • Selection of Tees, Y's and Straights
  • Manufactured in Germany from naturally coloured POM (acetal copolymerisate)
  • 90 Pieces


Part Number Inside Hose Diameter Quantity
GS3 3mm 5
GS5 5mm 5
GS6 6mm 5
GS8 8mm 5
GS10 10mm 5
GS12 12mm 5
TS3 3mm 5
TS5 5mm 5
TS6 6mm 5
TS8 8mm 5
TS10 10mm 5
TS12 12mm 5
YS3 3mm 5
YS5 5mm 5
YS6 6mm 5
YS8 8mm 5
YS10 10mm 5
YS12 12mm 5


Part Number
$164.85 $140.13
(Save $24.72, 15% off)

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